provides high quality private label rights content as well as a content and website creation service for webmasters and Internet marketers. We use experienced writers to ensure that all content is extremely high quality and it is all checked before being released. Although the prices are very competitive you will not find any rubbish here.

You can use PLR “as is” or rewrite it if you feel that is important but if you’re not sure then you might want to read our thoughts about so called duplicate content a little further down this page.

So what about duplicate content?

Duplicate content penalties and issues are mainly relevant to content within your own website.

Think about it – people publish the same articles all over the web on various websites including article directories, so if it really was the be all and end all for getting ranked for numerous keywords, then why would you see any articles from article directories ranking?

You rank for the keywords and phrases contained within your content- not just an article, page, or post.

Your rankings in the search engines are dependant on a combination of many factors. Content, search engine optimization, links, linking patterns, and even social interaction of your visitors are all thought to play a part in how your website is viewed and ranked.


What if you want maximum benefit?

Good original content doesn’t always have to be 100% unique and that’s pretty difficult to achieve anyway, it just helps if it’s different. By rewriting some of the content you can easily make it over 30% unique which can often help with even better rankings.

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